Expected 2016 DU Cut Offs

Delhi University (DU) is increasingly becoming popular not only in India but all over the World! And the day is not far when many students around the globe will choose Delhi University to complete their higher education whether it be Under graduation or Post Graduation! The admission process of DU is very cumbersome, though centralized guidelines are issued by the University of Delhi but the admission process differs slightly in every college. We at www.duadmissions.co.in, intend to make the admission process easy for you by providing instant Delhi University News and help you get the Course or Stream you want to opt for in Delhi University for the Year 2016.

UPDATE : DU First Cut off 2016 released

Delhi University increases its cut off every year as the number of seats is very limited and the number of applicants is very large. You can check out the previous years cut off here

University of Delhi will be starting its undergraduate admission process for the academic session 2016 most likely in the first week of June 2016.  B.Sc / B.Sc (Hons.) programmes, B.Com / B. Com (Hons.) and some BA courses like Economics Hons. and English Hons. are the most popular DU UG courses.

To make everything easy for you, we have compiled a list of Expected Delhi University 2016 Cut Offs for various popular B.Sc/B.Sc (Hons.) courses . Expected Cut off for other courses will be posted soon.

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Expected 2016 Delhi University Cut Offs – B.Sc/B.Sc (Hons.)

Delhi University B.Sc Admissions 2016 Cutoff Every college sets its own cut off for the courses it offers. The cut off depends on the expected number of applicants and the number of seats the college has for that particular course in this case B.Sc/B.Sc (Hons.) programmes. You can locate below the expected cutoff for DU B.Sc Admissions 

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Mathematics (Hons.) It is one of the very popular BSc course in DU. Last year (2015) the average cut off for this course stood in the range 87 and 96.75 for General Category students in the first cut off. In simple words, it was necessary to have marks in between the range provided in the best of four subjects to take admission in Mathematics (Hons.) programme in the DU colleges.  The OBC candidates were required to affix the best of four marks in the range of 75 and 96. The cutoff for candidates belonging to SC and ST categories was set in the range of 70-95.25 and 68-93.5, respectively. In 2016, the cut off are expected to rise by 1-3% for each category student seeking admission in Mathematics (Hons.)

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Physics (Hons.) The cutoff for Physics (Hons.) course for General Category candidates was avowed in the range of 85 and 97.33 by various colleges of the University previous year. While the cutoff for OBC category candidates was in the range 85 and 96, and for SC and ST category candidates was stated in the range of 75-95 and 65-94, respectively. In 2016, the Physics (Hons.) cut off are expected to rise by 2-3%.

Chemistry (Hons.) In 2015, General category candidates needed to secure amid the marks range of 85-97 in their best of four subjects. On the added hand, the cutoff for OBC category candidates was in the range of 82 and 95.33, and that for SC and ST category candidates, it was in the range of 72-94.33 and 65-92.5, respectively. Chemistry (Hons.) is another very popular course therefore a hike of upto 3.5% is expected in 2016.

Botany (Hons.) While General Category candidates needed to have their 10+2 (Intermediate) marks for best of four subjects in the range of 78 and 93, the cutoff for admissions to Botany (Hons.) programme as confirmed by University colleges for OBC category candidates was in the range of 75 and 92. The SC and ST category candidates needed to have their qualifying marks (best of four subjects) in the range of 74-90 and 65-90, respectively. In 2016, Botany (Hons.) cut off, might have a hike of about 2%.    

Zoology (Hons.) The expected Zoology (Hons.) cut off for the academic year 2016-2017, might see a hike of 2.5%. Last year, the cutoff for admissions to Zoology (Hons.) course for General category candidates as acknowledged by DU Colleges was in the range of 79-96.5 and that for OBC category candidates it stood at 76 and 95.6. On the other hand, SC and ST category candidates needed to have their best of four subjects marks in the range of 75-94.3 and 70-91, respectively.

Life Sciences The DU Colleges had acknowledged cutoff for General Category candidates for admissions to B.Sc Life Science courses in the range of 76-96.3 and that for OBC category in the range of 71-95.5, though for SC and ST category candidates in the range of 68-94 and 50-91.33, respectively. For admission in academic year 2016-2017, Life Sciences cut off might increase by 3%.

We are continuously working to bring you the inside information on DU Admissions. The expected cut off list of B.Com & B.Com(Hons.) and B.A. Courses will be posted soon.

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